Those who have actively supported the development of the rescue home in Uganda, have not only made a difference in the lives of many, but will significantly change the lives of each child and give them the gift of a stable environment which ultimately transcends to a feeling of peace, hope, and acceptance.

Everytime a child walks into this home they will be welcomed by a team of individuals who genuinely seek to meet the needs of every child through serving them with medical care, providing nutritious meals, and engaging with every child through trauma counselling.

From our home to their home

Rescue children will be integrated with the Noah’s Ark family and treated as one of them. The home that has been built will be essential is providing a shelter where each child will receive intentional mentorship and support, along with strategies to help in their process of healing and rejuvenation.The ultimate goal is to resettle each child into their family home where they can continue the process of healing.

We are all in this together

Each donation however small or large has brought to fruition the rescue home and will continue cultivating the legacy of Noah’s Ark and the countless lives that will be forever changed. This is an important project that will provide hope to countless children in need.

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