Heart for Lebanon has a unique strategy to meet the needs of Syrian refugees at the most basic level.

It starts with a bag of food. It’s supplemental (not including meats, dairy products, or fresh vegetables) but it’s a start. The interaction between the Heart for Lebanon team of local Lebanese citizens and the refugees receiving these bags of food opens the door to relational engagement. People want to tell their story to someone they can trust. That trust grows over months of consistently showing up, meeting needs, and genuine conversation. And because this work is done by local Lebanese citizens, they know and respect the cultural differences of the Middle East.

Syrian refugees need to know that they are loved, respected, and have worth – not just for the moment but for eternity. It’s key! The church as followers of Jesus have a responsibility to bring compassion, love, and hope that will lead to peace and stability. If not externally between groups of people then at least within individuals themselves. It is critical that we continue to invest in each Syrian refugee family and the host community of Lebanon. We may never have this opportunity, this open door to Muslims of the Middle East, again.

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