The sting of death.

A beloved child who was living at Noah’s Ark has died while surrounded by those who loved him. He came to Noah’s Ark at the age of 6, and was taken from an environment of neglect and mistreatment by his grandmother.

From the arms of mistreatment to the arms of restoration.

From the hands of mistreatment, Shawn came into the arms of love and restoration.It was God ordained that he ended up at Noah’s Ark. Those at Noah’s Ark are thankful to have had the time to love and care for Shawn before he died and were fortunate enough to see his spirit and health restored for a time. In his good health he shone kindness and love through the tender act of cuddling with others.

Where there is death, there is new hope.

In the end Shawn died from a multitude of medical conditions, though through his death there is a promise of new life in heaven! Shawn was a living testimony of how God changes destinies, and how God alone brings hope.

What you can do.

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Need for Prayer

Please join us in prayer for Shawn’s life, though he is gone, his life was a blessing to many.

Please continue to pray for others like Shawn who need to be rescued out of environments of mistreatment and neglect.

Pray for our other sick children at Noah’s Ark

Pray for Shawn’s family that they will be touched by God’s goodness and forgiveness.

Pray for those who work at Noah’s Ark, for God to give them physical and mental strength and energy.

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