Lebanon Crisis Fund

100% of funds donated through this webpage will flow to Horizons International's Lebanon Crisis Fund

Since October 2019, the Lebanese people have been suffering through a worsening economic downturn. In March 2020, the global coronavirus pandemic caused nationwide lockdowns that sent the economy into a deepening downward spiral. And on August 4, 2020, the capital city of Beirut was rocked by a massive explosion that caused citywide damage and a mounting death and injury toll.

When the explosion hit, the Lebanese lira had already inflated by over 6 times, and prices for basic foods had doubled. The explosion has decimated the Port of Beirut, which receives nearly all of Lebanon’s imported food—so between the financial downturn, the damage to the capital city, and a coming reduction in importation, Lebanon is facing a historic and unprecedented crisis.


The Lebanon Crisis Fund—formerly the Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund—provides critical community support through humanitarian aid and gospel outreach. Our indigenous staff members and partner church network, while deeply affected by the blast, are committed more deeply than ever to demonstrating the free love of Christ by addressing the needs of their communities:

  • Distributing thousands of emergency food portions and sanitation supply packages to poor families
  • Distributing sandwiches, bags of bread, and hot meals to the homeless and hungry
  • Providing access to medical procedures and prescription medications
  • Helping rebuild damaged homes and churches
  • Replacing shattered windows with temporary plastic sheeting until glass is available
  • Counseling and discipling community members traumatized by the crisis
  • Investing in community agriculture to prop up Lebanon’s local food sources
  • Supporting our indigenous staff members as they carry out this crisis response initiative

At such a critical juncture in Lebanon’s history, we believe that God has established Horizons International to meet the challenge through our dedicated indigenous staff, community ministry centers, partner church network, physical infrastructure, and community relationships. God’s provision to us now becomes provision to many, as we can spread crucial aid to desperate communities.


In response to unique challenges posed by coronavirus, in April 2020 Horizons launched three online initiatives to enable our staff to share the gospel with millions of Muslims via the internet. Three distinct staff teams are creating evangelistic content for social media distribution, developing new Cubs To Lions discipleship curricula, and creating promotional videos sharing testimonies of what the Lord has done and is doing among Muslims through Horizons. After this tragedy, our Middle East social media and discipleship programs are in high demand.

Muslims who accept humanitarian aid from Horizons know we are a Christian ministry, and they are deeply touched by our willingness to provide for them in such difficult times. Many Muslims have started gospel discipleship, and many believers from Muslim backgrounds have had their faith strengthened by seeing Christ’s love take a tangible and practical form. Holistic ministry does not just address spiritual needs, but addresses physical and emotional ones as well.

Your Support Saves Lives

Your gift to the Lebanon Crisis Fund brings critical aid and gospel discipleship to those who need it most. We are aware that you yourself are impacted by this global crisis, both economically and personally, and we are so grateful for your commitment to our partnership in the gospel.

Join us and give a Kingdom gift today.

$25 Where Most Needed
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$25 Fresh Meals and Food Portions
$100 Fresh Meals and Food Portions
$25 Window Replacement
$100 Window Replacements
$100 Farm Project Support
$100 Farm Project Support

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Fresh Meals and Food Portions
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Window Replacement
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