Noah's Ark Children's Ministry Uganda

Noah's Ark Children's Ministry Uganda

Noah’s Ark is a Christian based organization, giving a home to more than 170 children who are abandoned, thrown away, abused of left behind. More than 200 children from the poorest families in the surrounding communities enjoy free education while our Family Clinic provides affordable health care.

The Children’s Home is the epicenter of daily life in Noah’s Ark. At the moment, more than 120 children live, play, eat and bathe in this building. Ugandan caretakers called Aunties are caring them for 24/7. The older children live in small scale family units.

The Children’s Home is a long stretched building with two wings centered around a large living room. Children are divided into three groups: babies, toddlers and school children. The first wing houses a nursery where the youngest children sleep as well as a sick bay and bedrooms for the toddlers. The second wing houses bedrooms for the older children in the home. Restrooms and dressing rooms can be found in both wings. Every child has its own bed and shares their bedroom with 8 children. In the living room, all children have a fixed spot on the table and meet the same aunties every meal.

Noah’s Ark believes in top-quality education and has therefore started its own school, New Horizon. Children begin learning through play in the Nursery School. From there, they advance to Primary School where they gain the education and experience necessary to succeed in Secondary Vocational School. Noah’s Ark offers a unique form of education by combining theoretical and practical education in one setting.


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